Disney+ accounts are Hacked being sold on the dark web

Disney+ accounts are Hacked sold on the Dark web. The dark web is the market for hacked streaming accounts. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime account that regularly show up for sale on this community. But now Disney’s accounts for sale.

The Disney+ video streaming service launched this week, on November 12. The service, although being available only in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, Its make impressive 10 million subscribers on its first day. But those 10 million new customers are not all one was happy. Disney+ launched with some of the technical issues, many users reported being unable to stream.

The new services with some difficulties it’s not soo much worse, because sometimes it happens. But thousands of accounts hijacked within hours of the first launch and sold on the dark web. It’s not expected with the new service.

Twitter fills with the reports twittes many of them are customers and many are blowers. And many threads open on the Reddit r/DisneyPlus. Users reported that their passwords were changed and they were logged out of all devices. In a report by ZDNet, at least two users confessed to recycling passwords from other accounts. And many other users online have says they have used unique passwords for their Disney+ accounts. It’s not clear how hackers hijacked Disney+ accounts.

As per ZDNet news hijacked accounts with prices for the account credentials ranging between $3 and $7. The hackers were offering access to the accounts for free. Disney+ currently permits account sharing to stop that.


People are not aware of the issue. Because it’s not publically came out by Disney. As per our suggestion please create unique, strong passwords. And make more secure your accounts.


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