How To insert Comments In HTML

How To insert Comments In HTML
How To insert Comments In HTML

How To insert Comments In HTML –

  • in HTML Language, The Comment tags are used when we need to insert comments in the source code.
  • In this Artical, we will learn hoe to add HTML Comments in our code.
  • For this, We have a Syntax or Comment Syntax <! — text Here –> tag.

Syntax  : 

<! -- ... -->

Such as:

Hello, I Am Using Comment Tag in HTML
  • Anything can be written between Comments tags, the text will be not shown by the browser, so comments will remain unvisible on the webpage.

Why We Use Comments in Source Code –

  • Make our code easy to understand and increase code readability during programming.
  • Can be used as an explanation of our code.

Let’s We understand Comments In HTML With an Example – 

<!DOCTYPE html> 
	<title> MrTechCode : Comments In HTML </title> 
	<!-- My Code Starts here-->
	<p>How to insert comments tag in html.</p> 


Thanks for Reading Our Artical – How To insert Comments In HTML 

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